Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's ALL about the bacon....

... just as it should be.

Hey y'all... I'm back from the dead. Strep is gone (along with about 20 pounds). It's amazing what holing up in bed for 4 days with no food and just a few sips of water will do to jump start a diet.

Whilst looking for a possible source of fatback without having to travel the 30 miles up the road to my favorite packer, I came across this link....

The main page says this:

".. it's a bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon world..."

Not only do they have the requisite MUST haves like:
  • bacon Christmas tree ornaments
  • bacon toilet paper
  • bacon air fresheners
  • bacon gift wrap
  • and the ever popular fake pig nose
but the have a really nice selection of all kinds of artisanal bacons and WHOA..... a Bacon of The MONTH club! Shuh.... I just open the mailbox each month, and there's bacon there? There IS a God after all!

They also have various edible gifts such as bacon flavored sea salt, bacon chicarrones, and Bacon Brittle... condiments, sauces, oils, sweet and savory treats and t-shirts.

Looking forward to checking these guys out from time to time and maybe tasting some of their bacon.

Getting in a cooking mood slowly, so hopefully some more posts to come soon.

Peace y'all.